Peer Consulting

NMPAN is all about peer-to-peer learning. But some questions and challenges need more than a listserv discussion, of course. Whether you have a complicated problem or are planning to make a significant change to your processing business, you might benefit from a “thinking partner” – an experienced processor or consultant who has been there and can share insights and suggestions.

union-handshake-art-bf475c83f072bd2aWe’ve identified a small group of processor willing to be peer consultants for other processors. Thanks to some generous donors, we also have a small pool of funding to split the cost of their services up to 50%. Our FY 2021 budget includes enough funding for up to four compelling consulting projects. Due to budget limitations, only US-based projects can be considered.

If you are interested in working with a peer consultant, please fill out our very short application and we’ll get back to you quickly. The application information can be found here.

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