FSIS launched askFSIS in August 2007. askFSIS is an interactive Web-based application designed to help answer technical and policy-related questions from inspection program personnel, industry, consumer groups, other stakeholders, and the public. Answers from askFSIS are official responses from the Agency and carry regulatory authority.

askFSIS contains a knowledge base of questions and answers that is searchable and allows visitors to seek answers related to such diverse topics as exporting, labeling, and inspection-related policies, programs, and procedures. It automatically routes new questions that users submit to the appropriate staff. Users can register to be notified when answers are updated.

askFSIS Web Page

If you’re having trouble finding policy information through askFSIS call the FSIS Policy Development Division at 1-800-233-3935 or the FSIS Small Plant Help Desk at 1-877-FSIS-HELP (877-374-7435).

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