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NMPAN is a university Extension-based national community of practice of people and organizations helping small meat processors thrive by growing our shared wealth of information and innovation. Small and mid-sized plants — when available at all — can lack capacity, equipment, appropriate inspection status, and the human and financial capital to upgrade or expand. To […]

Staff Rebecca Thistlethwaite Director Rebecca stepped into the Director role at NMPAN in 2019 after three years as the Program Manager. She has a master’s degree in International Agricultural Development from the University of California – Davis and was formerly co-owner of TLC Ranch, a mid-scale organic pastured poultry and livestock enterprise in California. She […]

NMPAN Staff Office Hours- Ask questions, get advice Rebecca Thistlethwaite Director Click to Schedule 30 Minute with Rebecca Thistlethwaite, NMPAN Director David Zarling Program Manager Click to Schedule 30 minutes with David Zarling, NMPAN Program Manager Meat & Poultry Processing Technical Assistance Consultants- Experts on different aspects of the meat supply chain & processing. Ready […]

Educational Opportunities and Webinars 2024 May June NMPAN Ask Me Anything: Get Ready to Apply for a Grant with Confidence! Who: Abbe Turner, Grant Writer and Owner of Lucky Penny Farm When: 6/27 @ 9:00 am PST / 12:00 PM EST July (Coming Soon!) NMPAN Ask Me Anything: Quality Control and Training Programs for […]

HACCP and Meat Cutting Courses eHACCP.org is also offering online accredited HACCP courses. Check out their offerings here. HACCP Consulting Group offers virtual basic HACCP courses, including some in Spanish. See their upcoming courses here. Upcoming HCG Courses: FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Foods July 17-19 August 14-16 Implementing SQF Systems September 5-6 Unified Fields offers facility design, consulting and […]

Job Postings Past’s Pastured Seeks Head Butcher / Processing Manager Location: Rhode Island For Sale – Facilities, Businesses and Equipment Western Oklahoma Packing Plant Location: Western Oklahoma Property Type: Industrial / Meat Manufacturing Total Area: 8.18 acres Building Size: 3 buildings – 11,717 square feet Price: $1,999,000 Wyoming Processing Facility For Sale Location: Casper, […]

By Rebecca Thistlethwaite, Director of the Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network at Oregon State University, and Timothy Delbridge, PhD., Agricultural Economist in the Dept. of Applied Economics at Oregon State University Contact: thistler@oregonstate.edu, timothy.delbridge@oregonstate.edu Continued from the newsletter: Obviously, there are a lot of factors at play, which this short article can’t get into. However, […]

<< Back What’s on this page? Here you’ll find resources for planning a new meat processing business or expanding an existing one. The economics of small-scale meat processing are tough. It is a capital-intensive, thin-margin, high-risk business. A solid business plan is absolutely essential in this industry. There are several links here to help you […]

Got a problem or opportunity that you need more assistance with over a longer period of time? Have you reached out to any of our technical assistance providers with a phone call or two, but want more hand-holding and support? We are bringing back an old program with a new focus and funding, called the […]

Put HER in the RTE Room by Denise Perry, PhD, of Single Shot Consulting and NMPAN Advisory Board Member …continued from the newsletter The reality is that MOST of the men I have worked for, with and who have worked for me are some of my biggest advocates, cheerleaders and fans, very much like the […]

Celebrating the Holidays at a Meat Processing Plant: A Balance of Work and Joy by Chris Fuller, Founder of Fuller Consulting and NMPAN Technical Assistance As the holiday season approaches, meat processing plants face the dual challenge of meeting increased demand and ensuring their employees can celebrate this festive time. This period, marked by diverse […]

Planning a New Facility or Expansion Plant Design page Guidance on facility design (mobile & fixed), water and wastewater management, and equipment selection. Business Planning page Business planning guide, model business plans, feasibility study library, cash flow templates, archived webinars and more. Workforce Management page Attracting and retaining a skilled workforce, tips about creating a […]

Next NMPAN webinar: NMPAN webinars are recorded and archived below, by topic.A few selected webinars from other groups are also listed. Click on a webinar’s title for the slides, speaker info, and recording. Topic Areas (click to jump to a topic): Local Meat and Poultry Processing: the Big Picture Regulations and Policy Plant […]

A Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network webinar.   Date: November 30th, 2023 Duration: 60 Minutes   Building and scaling meat businesses: how to determine which market channels are right for you, price your products, find and keep customers, deliver, fulfill and get paid! Please join us for our new series, ‘Ask Me Anything’, where NMPAN’s team of boots-on-the-ground […]

A Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network webinar.   Date: October 26th, 2023 Duration: 61 Minutes   Dr. Kurt Vogel and Ashlynn Kirk of the Humane Handling Institute at University of Wisconsin -River Falls explain their exciting new programand field all of your most pressing humane handling questions! We troubleshoot handling and stunning related challenges, beginning with scenarios that we have […]

A Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network webinar.   Date: October 5th, 2023 Duration: 90 Minutes   Are slaughter and fabrication yields a part of the daily conversation in your small plant? Do you track yields throughout your production process? If so, are you using that data to make decisions on the cut floor? Whether the answer […]

If you need more help than this website can offer, the Niche Meat Processing Assistance Network has rounded up resources for each state (or close to), called State Affiliates. We are working hard to identify a reliable affiliate for each state, but thus far only have 30 out of 50 states covered. State Affiliates are […]

  Modular Harvest System Hudson Valley, New York “Now we are thinking of the MHS as a way for people to try out the business, get some experience operating under inspection, with FSIS. And it comes with a HACCP plan.” – Jess Hamilton All MSUs have been conceived and built to add to local, inspected […]

  A Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network webinar Learn more about NMPAN: www.nichemeatprocessing.org Webinar Description Mobile poultry processing units (MPPUs) have been around for more than ten years. On this webinar, we learned about five MPPUs on the ground around the country: Kentucky, Montana, Vermont, and two in Massachusetts. Each of our speakers covered the […]

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