Community Agricultural Development Center

Side view of the CADC unit

Side view of the CADC unit

  • When was it built and when first made available to producers?

The mobile processing unit was built in 2002.

  • Does this MPU operate under the 20,000 bird exemption?

Yes. This unit was designed for small producers; the capacity for the unit in any one growing season is around 20,000 birds.

  • Does each producer get to process 20,000 birds per year?

We have never had a producer process more than 4000 birds in any single year. Our largest producer built her own unit based on this one as her production increased.

  • Does the producer rent the unit for a day and do all the processing on their own? Does the unit come with any staff?

Typically the producer picks up the unit from a central location and processes their birds using his or her own staff. There would be help available if the producer so desires.

  • What does it cost to use the unit?

If the producer does all the work, including picking up and returning the unit, the cost is $0.75 per bird. Depending on the amount of staff and transportation required, It can be as much as $2.50.

  • How many producers use the unit each year? Are they regulars, i.e. once a week/month, or are they more sporadic?

It ranges from 2 to 6 producers each year. Some use it monthly, some less often.

  • How many chickens are these producers processing at once?

Typically 100 to 200 birds per day.

  • What other animals can be processed in this unit?

Rabbits can also be processed.

  • Who owns the unit?

Community Agricultural Development Center, located in Colville, WA. CADC is a non-profit corporation registered in the State of Washington and is federally exempt.

  • Is it restricted to any specific geographic area?

This unit operates in Northeast Washington.

Rear view of the MPU

Rear view of the MPU

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