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This is a new page for NMPAN, but we thought it was time to provide some more resources for consumers looking for GOOD MEAT and wanting to support high-quality producer, processors, and butchers. We also include some food safety suggestions at the end of this page.

Finding Good Meat

While you may be able to easily order from some of the large, multinational online retails (such as the A-word or Costco), we encourage you to buy as direct to the producer or meat processor as possible. A diversified, dispersed, local & regional food system is necessary to feed people through economic and ecological emergencies. They provide the resilience our human economy needs to survive and thrive. Support them.

Below is an evolving list of US farms/ranches/aggregators that ship or do home delivery of frozen niche meats. Most of them utilize practices such as grass-finishing, pasture-raising, no sub-therapeutic antibiotics or hormones, and if they feed grains they are mostly organic or non-GMO. None of the practices are verified though, so please do your own research. Keep your families healthy and our farms in business by ordering from this list.

**Due to the massive influx of shipping during the Coronavirus pandemic, you may expect delays of 3-5 days for shipping. Because of this, it is wise to order product as local as possible to assure that it stays frozen and cold during shipping and gets to you as quickly as possible.**

Business NameLocationMeatsShipping/Delivery RegionWebsitePractices (not verified)
Marble Creek FarmsteadALbeef, bison, pork, lamb, goat, chicken, turkeynationwide beef & lamb, pastured pork & poultry
Grassroots Farmers CooperativeARbeef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkeynationwide pork & chicken,
Five Mary's FarmCAbeef, pork, lambnationwide
Rancho Llano SecoCAbeef, pork, other foodsnationwidellanoseco.compasture-raised beef, hoophouse non-GMO pork
Richards Grassfed BeefCAbeefwest coast, AZ, NV beef
Ryan Creek Root CellarCApork, duck, chickenCaliforniaryancreekmeat.comlocal and some organic
Morris Grassfed BeefCAbeefCalifornia
Stemple Creek RanchCAbeef, pork, lambnationwide beef & lamb, pastured pork
Mariposa RanchCAbeef, pork, chickennationwide beef, pastured pork & chicken
Markegard Family GrassfedCAbeef, pork, lamb, chickenBay Area deliverywww.markegardfamily.comgrassfed beef & lamb, pasture pork & poultry
PT RanchCAlamb, chicken, turkey, duck, olive oilwest coastwww.ptranch.cograssfed lamb, pastured poultry
Salmon Creek RanchCAbeef, goat, duck, goose, eggs, pet treatsnationwidesalmoncreekranch.comgrassfed beef & goat, pastured poultry
Victorian Farmstead Meat Co.CAbeef, pork, lamb, chickenCalifornia, but includes grassfed & pasture-raised
Bytable FoodsCObeef, bison, pork, lamb, chicken, turkeynationwide pasture-raised
Corner Post MeatsCObeef, pork, lamb, turkey, wild-caught fishnationwide beef & lamb, pastured pork & turkey
Flying B BarCObeefnationwideflyingbbar.comgrassfed beef
Lasater Grassland BeefCObeefnationwidelgbeef.comgrassfed beef
Sun PrairieCObeef, porknationwidesunprairiebeef.comgrassfed beef, pastured pork
Whiskey Ridge Grassfed BeefCObeefCO & western KScsffarms.comgrassfed beef
Jensen ReserveGAbeef, pork, other foodsnationwidejensenreserve.comgrassfed beef, pastured pork
Pine Street MarketGAbeef, pork, chicken, duck, other foodsnationwidewww.pinestreetmarket.comvariety, but includes grassfed & pasture-raised
White Oak PasturesGAbeef, pork, lamb, poultry, rabbit, guinea fowlnationwidewww.whiteoakpastures.comgrassfed beef & lamb, pastured pork & poultry
Goats on the & forest raised goat
Joia Food FarmIApork, lamb midwestjoiafoodfarm.comgrassfed lamb, pastured pork
Thankful HarvestIAbeef, pork, chicken, turkeyIA/NEwww.thankfulharvest.comgrassfed beef, pastured pork & poultry
Alderspring RanchIDbeef, pork, lamb, poultry, wild-caught salmonnationwidealderspring.comgrassfed beef & lamb, pastured pork & poultry
Brady's BeefIDbeefwestern USwww.bradysbeef.comgrassfed beef
This Old FarmINbeef, pork, lamb, chickennationwide, but includes grassfed & pasture-raised
Summit MeatsKYbeef, pork, lamb, chicken, othernationwidewww.summitmeat.compastured-raised, local producers
Evermore FarmMDbeef, pork, lambMaryland beef & lamb, pastured pork
Grand View FarmMDbeef, pork, chicken, eggsEast Coastgrandviewfarming.comgrassfed beef, pastured pork & poultry
Kol FoodsMDbeef, lamb, poultry, wild-caught salmonnationwidekolfoods.comkosher, grassfed beef & lamb, pastured poultry
Broad Arrow FarmMEbeef, pork, lamb northeast, mid-Atlantic pasture-raised
Aroostoock Beef Co.MEbeefnortheast beef
Jakes Country MeatsMIbeef, pork, chicken, wild-caught fishnationwide beef, pastured pork & poultry
Blue Nest BeefMNbeefnationwide beef
Yellow Hutch FarmMNbeef, pork, poultryMN/WIwww.yellowhutchfarm.comgrassfed beef, pastured pork & poultry
Nettle Valley FarmMNporkmidwestwww.nettlevalleyfarm.compastured pork
Circle B RanchMOpork, other foodsmidwestcirclebranchpork.compastured pork
TLC BeefMObeefMissouri & nearby stateswww.tlcbeef.comgrassfed beef
Barham Family FarmMObeef, pork, lamb, chicken raised
Harris-Robinette BeefNCbeefnationwideharrisrobinette.comgrassfed beef
Joyce FarmsNCbeef, pork, chicken, pheasant, guinea fowlnationwidewww.joyce-farms.comgrassfed beef, pastured poultry
Weeping Radish Farm & BreweryNCporknationwidewww.weepingradish.comnatural outdoor grown pork
Nourished by NatureNDbeef, pork, lamb, chickennationwidenourishedbynature.usgrassfed beef & lamb, pastured pork & poultry
Bonnie Brae FarmsNHbeef, lamb, venisonnationwide raised venison
Cotton Cattle Co.NJbeef, pork, chickenNJcottoncattlecompany.comgrassfed beef, pastured pork & chicken
Crosswinds FarmNYbeef, veal, pork, cheesenationwidewww.crosswindsfarmcreamery.comgrassfed beef, rose veal, pastured pork
NY Farm BasketNYbeef, pork, chicken, honey, eggsnortheastwww.nyfarmbasket.compasture raised
Ramble Creek FarmNYbeef, pork, chicken, turkey, mushroomsnortheast, NYCwww.ramblecreekfarm.comgrassfed beef, pastured pork & poultry
Reber Rock FarmNYbeef, pork, chickenNY beef, pastured pork & chicken
Covey Rise FarmsOHpork, lamb, chicken, turkey, honeynationwidewww.coveyrisefarmsohio.compasture raised
Cox Family FarmsOHbeefnorthern KY, OHthecoxfamilyfarms.comgrassfed beef
Sweet Grass DairyOHbeef, pork, chicken, turkey, cheesenationwidewww.sweetgrassdairyofohio.comgrassfed beef, pastured pork & poultry
Carman RanchORbeef, pork, chickenPortland, OR area beef, pastured pork & chicken
Living Earth FarmORpork, lamb chickenEugene, OR area
Milk RunORbeef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, seafood, other foodsGreater Portland, OR area, but includes grassfed & pasture-raised
Painted Hills Natural BeefORbeefnationwide beef, grassfed beef
Red Bird AcresORpork, chickenCorvallis & Portland, ORwww.redbirdacresfarm.compastured pork & poultry
North Mountain PasturesPAbeef, pork, lamb, turkeynationwide beef & lamb, pastured pork & poultry
Old Time FarmPAbeef, chicken, turkey, eggsPA deliverywww.oldtime.farmgrassfed beef, pastured poultry
Herd ProvisionsSCbeef, porkmid-Atlanticherdprovisions.comgrassfed beef, pastured pork
Shady Grove RanchTXbeef, pork, chickenTX & southeastshadygroveranch.comgrassfed beef, pastured pork & chicken
Greener Pastured ChickenTXchickennationwidegreenerpastureschicken.compastured, organic chicken
Nitschke Natural BeefTXbeefDallas-Fort Worth area, Texoma regionnnbeef.comgrassfed beef
Rehoboth RanchTXbeef, pork, lamb, goat, chicken, turkey, eggsNE Texas beef, lamb, & goat, pastured pork & poultry
Post Oak PasturesTXbeefTX & midwestpostoakpastures.comgrassfed beef
Big House FarmVAchicken, eggs mid-Atlanticbighousefarm.compastured poultry
Franchesca's Dawn FarmVAbeef, pork, lamb, goat, chicken east coast beef & lamb, pastured pork & poultry
J & L Green FarmVAbeef, pork, chicken, turkeynationwidewww.jlgreenfarm.comgrassfed beef, pastured pork & poultry
Snyder Family FarmVAbeef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkeymid-Atlanticwww.snyderfamilyfarmva.comgrassfed beef & lamb, pastured pork & poultry
Sugar Mountain FarmVTporknationwidewww.sugarmtnfarm.compastured pork
Treebird Farm & ButcheryWApork, chickenOR & WA deliverywww.treebird.compasture raised
American Alps RanchWAbeefGreater Seattle, WA areawww.americanalpsranch.comgrassfed beef
Lefever Holbrook RanchWAbeef, pork, lamb, other foodsSeattle, Portland, Tacoma, Gorge beef & lamb, pastured pork
Bryant Family FarmsWIchicken, eggs, honeymidwest poultry
Cylon Rolling AcresWIgoatnationwidewww.cylonrollingacres.compasture raised
ParkElm FarmWIbeef, pork, lambeastern half of USwww.parkelm.farmgrassfed beef & lamb, pastured pork
Behnke's Grassfed Beef & Pasture Pork LLCWIbeef, porkmidwestgrassfed beef, pastured pork
Waseda FarmsWIbeef, pork, chicken, turkeynationwidewww.wasedafarms.comgrassfed beef, pastured pork & poultry
North Star BisonWIbison, beef, elk, pork, rabbit, poultry, othernationwidenorthstarbison.comgrassfed beef & bison, farmed elk, pastured
Sarver Heritage FarmWVbeef, chicken nationwide beef, pastured chicken
Swift Level Fine MeatsWVbeef, bison, veal, pork, lamb, fisheast coastwww.swiftlevelfinemeats.comgrassfed beef, pastured pork
Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Co.WYbison, elk nationwide, feed finished

Consumer Safety/Food Safety

Although it has not been shown that the coronavirus is transmitted through food, there is a very low-risk that it can be on food packaging surfaces for up to 72 hours. There are some safety precautions to take when handling restaurant take-out, food you purchased from the grocery store, or food that is shipped to you.

A recent study found that the COVID-19 coronavirus can survive up to four hours on copper, up to 24 hours on cardboard, and up to two to three days on plastic and stainless steel. The researchers also found that this virus can hang out as droplets in the air for up to three hours before they fall. But most often they will fall more quickly.

Here is a flyer from OSU’s Western Regional Center to Enhance Food Safety regarding takeout food. Your best bet is to always wash your hands after touching food packaging.

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