Webinar: Deregulation for Small Meat Processors

Date: August 24, 2023
Duration: 120 minutes


Are you interested in learning more about what deregulation could look like in the niche meat industry?

Please enjoy this lively discussion between Denise Perry, PhD and meat processing operations expert, and David Zarling of NMPAN where they facilitate a proactive group conversation relative to what deregulation for small and very small meat processors might look like.

The discussion involves risks and rewards that could result in the Federal Government giving meat processing regulation back to the states to decide what regulations warrant what type of sales for small & very small processors. We hear from the NMPAN community about questions, concerns, benefits and possible solutions to how we could deregulate meat processing and sales but still ensure the American public receives wholesome products.

  1. Denise Perry, PhD, Single Shot Consulting
  2. David Zarling, NMPAN, Oregon State University
  3. Various NMPAN Community members

Watch the video replay here.

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