How can I transport my frozen meats safely to/from the processor or the market?

Most farmers transport their frozen meats in chest coolers. Again alternative refrigeration such as ice packs, etc. are highly recommended. The chest coolers must be clean along with the transport vehicle. The inspector at the slaughtering facility may inspect the transport vehicle and chest coolers. Unacceptable findings could result in the inspector not allowing the inspected product to be loaded. The chest coolers are inexpensive and can keep the meats frozen until you are able to store them in your on-farm or off-farm freezer space provided you do not encounter any unforeseen problems during transport such as a vehicle breakdown or an accident. Again, another reason for alternative refrigeration. Some farmers use small chest freezers they can power through their car battery. This alternative is more expensive than chest coolers, and may not be necessary for most trips from the processor. Some farmers use small chest type freezers that are plugged in overnight where temperatures are consistently maintained at zero degrees or below. The farmers unplug the freezer and in turn pick up their meat products from the inspected facility. The freezer is already cold and maintains better temperature control than the chest coolers.

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