How to use the FSIS Web Site

How To Use the USDA FSIS Website

This page overviews resources available on the USDA-FSIS Small & Very Small Plants Web Page. In addition to those explained here, other resources exist, such as


How To Get Around

USDA FSIS has compiled a tremendous archive of informational resources on their website, On the right-hand side of the page, you’ll see the ‘Full Menu’ button, which contains links to all aspects of the FSIS website.


Resources for Small and Very Small Processing Plants

This section of the FSIS website is full of explanatory guidelines, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Regulatory Guidelines. These generally decode regulations, directives and notices into clear and usable information with examples.
  • HACCP models
  • Pathogen modeling program
  • Archived information and guidance

You can find all of that at the Small & Very Small Plants website.

FSIS Website for Small and Very Small Establishments

Resources for Small and Very Small Processing Plants

Regulatory Education Video Seminars

FSIS hosts a library of past webinars and seminars that cover a wide variety of topics relevant to small meat processors. You’ll find recordings on subjects such as:

  • FSIS Policies
  • Technical Procedures (sample collecting, auditing, etc)
  • Verification and Validation procedures
  • Food Safety

This archive can be found on the Regulatory Web Seminars page.


The FSIS Web site provides information as streaming videos. Information is available as news releases that provide food safety tips, such as “Online Advice for a Safe Turkey Dinner,” “USDA Advice for a Safe Cookout Season,” and videos showcasing past events. These types of videos can be found on the Video News Releases page.

The Web site also provides streaming videos on topics such as food defense, food safety, and orientation programs for plants coming under FSIS inspection for the first time. Videos of this type can be accessed through the FSIS Web site on the Food Safety Videos page.

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