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This page overviews resources available on the USDA-FSIS Small & Very Small Plants Web Page. In addition to those explained here, other resources exist, such as

In order to find the information online, visit the Small & Very Small Plants website or you can also find these pages by starting at the FSIS home page. On the left side of the page, you will see a section titled “Browse by Audience,” with a drop-down menu. Click on the little arrow, and highlight “Small/Very Small Plants.”

Small & Very Small Plants Web Page


Small Plant News

The Small Plant News is a newsletter written to inform and educate small and very small plant owners and operators. This newsletter attempts to explain in plain language FSIS rules and regulations and foster the ability of small and very small plants to produce the safest food by providing essential tips that encourage highest sanitation standards, paperwork compliance and cost-saving measures. Small Plant News is also printed in hard copy format and distributed to small and very small plant owners who have requested to receive it.

Electronic copies of Small Plant News are available. The copies are available in plain text, accessed by clicking on the volume and number of the document, or as PDF files accessed by clicking on PDF.

Small Plant News Web Page



FSIS has been holding a series of regulatory education sessions which include a walk-through of a variety of topics. In addition, FSIS began holding a series of “How To” workshops in January 2009 to provide practical tools and methods for proper application of, and compliance with, the regulations. Information on the Regulatory Education Sessions and the “How To” workshops, including locations, dates, times, subjects to be covered, and the links for registration can be found at Outreach and Workshop Sessions.

Material from past workshops is also available on the page Resources and Information; these materials are located in the Documents section.

Small & Very Small Plants Web Page


Web Seminars

FSIS sponsors a free seminar series which covers a variety of technical topics concerning FSIS policies and new technologies of interest to industry. Net Meeting uses internet access for viewing the presentation and a phone line for the audio portion. Online registration forms are provided (valid email address required). Pre-registration is required. Upon registration, a seminar representative will contact you with instructions on joining the event.

Present and future Web seminars can be found on the Regulatory Web Seminars page. Past Web seminars are recorded and posted on the Web site as streaming videos. They can be accessed on the Regulatory Education Video Seminars page.

Meetings & Events Page



FSIS provides educational podcasts, audio or video, with information for owners and operators of small and very small meat, poultry and processed egg products establishments about how FSIS and industry can ensure public health protection through food safety and food defense.

Some of the podcasts that have already been published include “Developing a Recall Plan,” “Generic Labeling,” “Developing Food Defense Plans,” and a 10 part series on “Designing a HACCP Plan.” There have also been podcasts on “Labeling for School Lunch Program,” the “How To” workshops for small and very Small plants, and how to avoid non-compliance records (NRs). You can listen to the podcast as well as read the text of the script by visiting the Podcasts page.


The FSIS Web site provides information as streaming videos. Information is available as news releases that provide food safety tips, such as “Online Advice for a Safe Turkey Dinner,” “USDA Advice for a Safe Cookout Season,” and videos showcasing past events. These types of videos can be found on the Video News Releases page.

The Web site also provides streaming videos on topics such as food defense, food safety, and orientation programs for plants coming under FSIS inspection for the first time. Videos of this type can be accessed through the FSIS Web site on the Food Safety Videos page.

Food Safety Videos Page
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