Webinar: NMPAN Live – Humane Handling Q&A with the Humane Handling Institute

Date: October 26th, 2023
Duration: 61 Minutes


Dr. Kurt Vogel and Ashlynn Kirk of the Humane Handling Institute at University of Wisconsin -River Falls explain their exciting new programand field all of your most pressing humane handling questions!

We  troubleshoot handling and stunning related challenges, beginning with scenarios that we have experienced at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls. Then, we will discuss the benefits of implementing a robust humane handling program in slaughter establishments of all sizes.

Humane Handling Institute

HHI is a first-of-its-kind comprehensive training program for humane livestock handling, stunning, and equipment maintenance. The objective of the program is to develop humane handlers, stunner operators, and maintenance personnel that have a deeper understanding of the ‘hows’ and the ‘whys’ of humane handling, stunning, and slaughter. Certification through the program will help to improve and strengthen the skill level of key meat industry employees, address key regulatory issues in meat processing establishments, and strengthen consumer trust in meat processing establishments of all sizes. Learn more at https://www.uwrf.edu/CAFES/HHI/


Kurt Vogel, PhD – Program Director

Dr. Kurt Vogel is an Associate Professor of Animal Science at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls.  He completed his PhD at Colorado State University with a focus in livestock behavior and welfare.  He has been recognized for the quality of his teaching of courses in animal welfare, animal physiology, and meat science. In addition to his teaching duties, Dr. Vogel oversees the Animal Welfare Lab at UWRF, serves as the Director of the newly-established Humane Handling Institute, and has mentored more than 30 undergraduate and graduate researchers on a variety of projects. Dr. Vogel’s current research activities are devoted to improving the efficacy of captive bolt application to cattle and pigs. Outside of UWRF, Dr. Vogel is a trusted consultant on practical and applied implementation of animal handling, management, and slaughter processes. The core of Dr. Vogel’s professional devotion is deeply rooted in helping people and animals to live better.

Ashlynn Kirk, MS – Program Manager

Ashlynn Kirk is the Program Manager for the Humane Handling Institute at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls. Ashlynn earned her BS in Animal Science at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls and MS in Animal Biology at the University of California, Davis. She has been involved with research on humane handling enforcement actions issued by USDA FSIS, captive bolt use for cattle and pigs, as well as low-stress weaning for beef calves.  As Program Manager, she is responsible for the daily operations of the HHI, workshop planning, content creation, communicating with slaughter establishments, and overseeing student program technicians.  Ashlynn has developed the backbone of UWRF’s Robust Systematic Approach to Animal Welfare programming and is very knowledgeable in that space.

  1. Dr. Kurt Vogel, Director, Humane Handling Institute at University of Wisconsin, River Falls
  2. Ashlynn Kirk, Program Manager, Humane Handling Institute at University of Wisconsin, River Falls
  3. David Zarling, NMPAN, Oregon State University

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