Webinar: Ask Me Anything – Intro to Wholesaling Meat Q&A

Date: November 30th, 2023
Duration: 60 Minutes


Building and scaling meat businesses: how to determine which market channels are right for you, price your products, find and keep customers, deliver, fulfill and get paid!
Please join us for our new series, ‘Ask Me Anything’, where NMPAN’s team of  boots-on-the-ground experts field your most technical questions about a certain topic.
This month, our focus will be sales, marketing, customer management and more. Ask Kathryn anything about wholesale meat sales: selling to retail grocery stores, foodservice or institutions. Prospecting and discovery – how to find customers, how long does the sales cycle take? How to price and package your products, how to develop product specs.  Promotions and sales – who pays for what?  Orders and fulfillment – order timing and cadence, transportation and delivery, and invoicing. What to do when things go wrong: spoiled or damaged product, mispicks, etc.
Kathryn has 10+ years of meat industry experience, working in sales and operations for regional and national branded meat companies and supporting the growth and development of regional meat processing businesses. She started her career as a Livestock Economist for USDA and has a masters degree in Agricultural Economics from UC – Davis.
  1. Kathryn Quanbeck, Meat Sales Expert and Research Manager, NMPAN
  2. Rebecca Thistlethwaite, NMPAN, Oregon State University

Watch the video replay here.

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