Meat in the Middle Webinar: Paicines Ranch Learning Center & Cienega Capital

A Paicines Ranch Learning Center & Cienega Capital webinar. 


From the Paicines Ranch website:

A conversation on the middle of the meat supply chain and what it takes to make a processing operation financially successful

“Processing is the bottleneck!” How many times have we heard this and wanted to understand this better to be able to support small to mid-sized meat producers and the middle of the supply chain infrastructure? But how many of us really know what it takes to make a meat processing operation financially successful?

Come join Esther Park in on an open conversation with Mike Lorentz, an experienced and successful meat processing plant owner/operator, to hear what conditions make for an economically viable and maybe even investable plant, and what the supply challenges are from his viewpoint.

Be prepared to have some of your ideas and views challenged, and discover unique ways in which we can leverage different types of capital to support the supply chain.

This webinar is geared toward investors and funders in regenerative ag, but is also open to our wider community.

  1. Mike Lorentz, CEO of Lorentz Meat
  2. Esther Park, CEO of Cienega Capital

Watch the video replay here.

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