Mobile Slaughter Unit Manual

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This manual offers comprehensive guidance for anyone interested in building and/or operating an inspected mobile slaughter unit (MSU) based upon on the experiences and expertise of several USDA-inspected MSUs in operation.

Last update: June 2011

The manual has eight parts:

1. MSU Model HACCP plan, SSOPs, and SOPs

2. What does an MSU cost?

3. State and local government regulations that may apply to an MSU

4. Food Safety Assessments: what they are & how to prepare

5. Humane Handling and MSUs

6. Food Defense Plans for an MSU

7. Model MSU Design

8. Product Labeling

Download the whole manual (69 pages, 1.12MB) here: NMPAN Mobile Slaughter Unit Manual

We also strongly suggest you visit the following pages before taking any step to build an MSU:

Please send all questions/concerns regarding the MSU Manual to

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