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You can use the NMPAN listserv to ask and answer questions and share information about meat and poultry processing.  The listserv has 1,000+ members across the nation including small-scale processors, farmers, ranchers, Cooperative Extension personnel, federal and state employees, and others.  As one member said, “I find the listserv to be one of the most valuable resources in the industry. As I learn, I feel stronger in making decisions that affect my business and know that there are resources to back these decisions.”

If you are a member of our listserv, you will also received our monthly e-newsletter that comes out the third week of the month. The newsletter features stories on some of the key news in our sector, partner news, upcoming events, classified ads, and a more in-depth feature article. See the archives of our newsletter here.

You can join by typing your name into the box under “NMPAN on Google Groups” in the right-side column and clicking “subscribe.”

If you have a gmail address, you can search the listserv archive, at: http://groups.google.com/group/nmpan.

Please read and follow the guidelines listed below in the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to keep us on track — and to prevent overfull inboxes.

NMPAN Listserv Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  1. The NMPAN listserv has two purposes:
    a.    NMPAN Staff use it to tell you about NMPAN events & resources.
    b.    You can use it to ask questions and get thoughtful, helpful answers.
  2. Please use “reply all” to post your answer to the whole group — so we can all learn — but do so thoughtfully (make sure your answer is concise & on target).
  3. Please make sure the subject line of your email reflects the content of your email.
  4. You are welcome to ask questions about regulations. But to get the most accurate answers, consult your local regulatory authorities and/or the USDA-FSIS Small Plant Help Desk: InfoSource@fsis.usda.gov or 1-877-FSISHelp (1-877-374-7435).
  5. NMPAN Staff moderate all postings to the list. If a submitted message is not appropriate, we won’t post it, and we will let the writer know.
  6. The NMPAN list is not the place for complaining. Instead, it is a place for constructive dialogue about processing-related issues. If you want to discuss a challenging issue, please do so respectfully and propose real solutions.
  7. Remember: NMPAN includes not only meat processors and livestock producers but state and federal regulatory agency staff, university research and extension faculty, consumers, and others who care about meat processing.
  8. AFTER POSTING A QUESTION: If you receive good information from the network, please GIVE BACK by posting a very brief summary of how you resolved your question.
  9. TOO MUCH EMAIL? NMPAN List Digest options are available. See instructions below.
  10. We don’t post job or equipment ads or outside event announcements on the listserv, but we do put them in our newsletter.  Please send ads and announcements (50 words or less) to thistler[at]oregonstate.edu.
  11. If you want people to get ahold of your directly about a service or item you may be offering, please include your full contact information (name, business name, email, phone number, address).

Thanks for making NMPAN’s listserv work for everyone.

E-mail Digest Instructions

How to receive NMPAN emails as a Digest — no more than one email a day:

  1. Go to the NMPAN google groups page and sign in:
  2. Click on “Edit My Membership” on the right-hand side of the screen
  3. Select “Digest Email” under the question “How do you want to read this group?” and click the “Save these settings” button at the bottom.

We can do this for you if you’re having trouble. Email thistler[at]oregonstate.edu.

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