Planning a New Facility or Expansion

If you want to build a new processing facility or make changes to an existing business, we have a library of planning tools, guides, and information that can help.

Our Business Planning resources include:

  • NMPAN’s Business Planning Guide for Small Meat Processors
  • Business plan models for a small meat processor with linked marketing company
  • Cash flow and financial planning templates for small processors
  • Guidance for analyzing a processor’s profitability
  • Webinars about when to start and how to plan a new processing business
  • A library of feasibility studies for small processing facilities around the U.S.

On our Plant Design page, you’ll find guidance on facility design (mobile and fixed), water management, waste management, and equipment (check out the videos).

Who will work for you? On our workforce management page, you’ll find tips about management and workplace culture, schools that offer vocational meat cutting programs, and the Workforce Investment Act, and you’ll learn from other processors about workers compensation (with notes from other processors), ideas for finding employees, and guidance for setting up an apprenticeship program.

How to pay for it all? Grant funding — from public agencies or private foundations — is rare, and you will most likely need to rely on bank financing and/or private investors. But there are a few public loan and grant programs that have worked for small meat processors. Learn more here about financial options for meat processors.