Plant Management Strategies to Reduce Fall Season Stress


Date: Sept.9, 2014 

Please Note: This webinar is no longer available in video form, however, the presentation materials remain active.

Small Plant Operators: do you dread the busy fall season? It can be the most lucrative time of year for small meat processing facilities but is also often the most stressful. Your plant is at full capacity between fee-for-service processing customers, hunters and holiday orders, customers want it all and they want it right now, overtime pay spikes, equipment breaks down, and you and your employees are stressed out.  Sounds familiar? On this webinar, Nick McCann shares real life examples and proven strategies for solving common problems in meat plant management: excessive overtime, stressed out employees, customer complaints, and quality problems that often occur during the busy fall season.  

Our speaker for this webinar is Nick McCann. Nick is an extension agent in Northeast Iowa and NMPAN Advisory Board member. See his ATTRA publication Meat Plants: Improving Profitability in Small and Very Small Operations guide and presentation “A New Way to Approach Meat Plant Management” on our NMPAN page here for more on small meat plant management. 

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