Poultry Processing Exemptions II (2010)




Please Note: This webinar is no longer available in video form, however, the presentation materials remain active.

We first covered poultry processing exemptions in 2009, but these complex regulations continue to confuse producers, processors, and regulators. What’s more, states can and do change how they interpret the federal regulations. In this webinar, we hear from policy officials from USDA-FSIS and the state of North Carolina about what the federal exemptions allow and how they work from a state perspective.

Date: December 7, 2010

Duration: 60 Minutes


  • Dr. David Zeitz, Public Health Veterinarian, Office of Policy and Program Development, USDA-FSIS
    david.zeitz@fsis.usda.gov : (301) 504-0851
  • Donald Delozier, State Director, Meat and Poultry Inspection Division, North Carolina Dep’t. of Agriculture
    Donald.Delozier@ncagr.gov (919) 733-4136
  • Jennifer Curtis, Farmhand Foods, LLC, and NC Choices/NCSU

eXtension Page Explaining Poultry Processing Exemptions


Dr. David Zeitz’s Presentation Slides


Donald Delozier’s Presentation Slides


Using an Exempt Facility to Process Poultry from more than one Producer

As discussed on the webinar, a person may process poultry for other producers under the “Small Enterprise” exemption, if the processor first buys the live poultry and then, after slaughter and processing, sells the processed poultry back to the producer, who then operates as a distributor selling the poultry. Other details apply: view the slides and webinar for more information.

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