Step 4: File an Application for Inspection

States offering state inspection will have their own individual applications (List of State Contacts). The application for a federal grant of inspection is FSIS form 5200.2. You can only get an application by contacting your FSIS District Office and asking them to mail you one (List of District Offices). You can download a sample copy and instructions here: FSIS Form 5200.2.

You must also (per item 106) “Attach a Description of the Limits of the Establishment Premises that is to be under Federal Inspection.” This description can be either written or drawn; if this is a drawing, indicate which direction is north by showing a compass.

Complete all sections and numbered items on the form. If an item is not applicable, enter “N/A” or none. If items 23 and 24 (about previous felony convictions for any of the plant owners, directors, and/or managers) are not applicable, you must write “None.” N/A is not acceptable for items 23 and 24. For item 25, Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs) do not have to be developed at the time of application, but must be developed before inspection can be granted and you begin operations. SSOPs are explained in Step 6.

Mail your completed application, including the premises description, to your FSIS District Office. This office will oversee the inspection of your plant. Contact this office if you have any questions.

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Step 5: Obtain Approved Labels and/or Brands

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