Third-Party Audits for Meat Processors



Please Note: This webinar is no longer available in video form, however, the presentation materials remain active.

Small and mid-sized meat processors are increasingly being asked by their customers to go through 3rd party audits for a range of standards and practices. On this webinar, auditors explain what to expect from – and how to prepare for – audits for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), food safety, animal welfare, and certified organic. A processor with ample audit experience will also offer tips and perspective.

Date: April 5, 2011
Duration: 68 minutes

Joe McCommons Presentation Slides: GMP and Animal Welfare audit requirements

Jim Riddle Presentation Slides: Organic Certification requirements


Third Party Auditing and the Small Processor

Food recalls due to risk of food borne illness cost the economy over $225B in the past two years.*  That is only the economic cost, not the cost of lives lost, workers laid off, and people made sick.  In response to the urgent need to make the food supply safer, and create more consumer confidence in the food supply, a whole economy of third party audit systems has arisen.

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