Uncured Bacon

With the expansion of uncured, nitrite/nitrate-free products in the marketplace, there has been some confusion around the regulatory requirements.  Uncured (or “nitrite/nitrate-free”) products require the same safe handling instructions* as cured products since they are both raw products.  In addition, if you are producing an uncured product that uses a vegetable powder as it’s nitrite source, you will need some additional statements, such as “No nitrate or nitrite added except those naturally occurring in celery juice powder.”

You will also need to follow the chilling requirements in Appendix B. See AskFSIS: http://askfsis.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1775 

*Sections 317.2 and 381.125 of the MPI Regulations require specific safe handling instructions to be provided on the labeling of all meat and meat products of cattle, swine, sheep, goat, or equine, and poultry products that have not undergone further processing that would render them as ready-to-eat and that are destined for household consumers, hotels, restaurants, or similar institutions. The following products do not require safe handling instructions:

 1. Products intended for further processing at another inspected

2. Combination products of meat or poultry with other commodities
in which the meat or poultry is ready-to-eat but the final product is not
ready-to-eat (e.g., a frozen entree dinner consisting of fully-cooked
poultry and raw peas and potatoes); and

3. Raw products destined for export only.



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