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USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, as part of its assistance and outreach to small and very small plants, offers several resources for MSU operators, to help with regulatory compliance.

Considerations Unique to Mobile Red Meat Slaughter

Building and operating a USDA-inspected mobile slaughter unit can require creative approaches to regulatory compliance, because federal regulations are based on fixed facilities.

In this presentation, Greg Sherman, DVM, with USDA’s Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS), uses two USDA-inspected mobile, red-meat facilities in WA to highlight common issues and how they were solved.

Topics include inspection, the facility itself, water, staffing, pest and rodent control, bleeding and inedibles control, sanitary dressing, and personal issues.

This presentation was part of the FSIS webinar Red Meat Mobile Slaughter Units, given January 20, 2010.

Click here for Dr. Sherman’s presentation.

MSU Compliance Guide

In May 2010, FSIS issued its “Mobile Slaughter Unit Compliance Guide,” with recommendations for how MSUs can meet the regulatory requirements that apply to any USDA-inspected slaughter facility.

On NMPAN’s July 2010 webinar on the guidance, a FSIS policy official explained and clarified the recommendations.

USDA-FSIS Webinars on Mobile Units

These two webinars, offered by USDA’s Food Safety Inspection Service, explain red meat and poultry mobile slaughter units. Presentations cover technical and practical aspects, regulatory compliance, and financial assistance programs (January 2010).

Click on the link above and scroll down to “Mobile Slaughter Webinars.” You can watch the webinars themselves or view the presentations as pdfs.



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