Webinars and Case Studies

Smuckers cutting meat

Whether you’re brand new to processing or have been involved for a while, you’ll find valuable insights and information here.

Our webinars: educational sessions on a wide range of issues and innovations, from cost analysis to improving in-plant efficiencies to dry cured meats to regulatory policy. Watch our newsletter for upcoming events and watch recorded sessions online anytime.

Need inspiration? (Or cautionary tales?) Check out our processor case studies. These stories give you a detailed look inside a variety of niche-oriented meat processors, from how they got started to what services they provide to what they charge and more. The processors gave generously of their time and information so that we could share their stories with you.

New processor case studies (2017 & newer) can be found at these links:

LPCA Plant, Odessa, Washington

Foothills Local Meat/Butcher Bars, Asheville and Black Mountain, North Carolina

Maple Wind Farm, Huntington, Vermont

Grassroots Farmers’ Cooperative, Arkansas

Revel Meat Company, Canby, Oregon

Innovation in practice: meat processing at any scale is a complicated business. Learn how small-scale processors deal with common challenges.