NMPAN Live: Regenerative Brand Strategies for Small Meat Brands

Event Date: July 27, 2023
9:00 am-
10:15 am
 Pacific Time

Watch the replay here.


Marketing and brand-building techniques are often based in one-size-fits-most strategies and are reductive in scope and execution, resulting a trend-based rat race that pulls owners and operators away from the work they are most interested and qualified to do. 

Please join Claire Everson, founder of Western Reign Creative (WRC), for a discussion on creating healthy impacts for people, the planet and profitability through creative storytelling and regenerative brand strategies.

During the first part of the workshop Claire will paint a big picture of what brand/ing is and isn’t and what brand and brand marketing can achieve when looked at and solved for holistically, using regenerative/living systems principles.

For the second portion of the workshop, she will give a framework for decision-making that builds compounding returns within their business, increasing the lifetime value of the customer and building resilience within their industry.


More about Claire and Western Reign Creative:

The WRC team specializes in brand and value-chain developmental and marketing strategies for farms, ranches, D2C producers, and locally sourced restaurants. WRC is on a mission to build reciprocity between people, brands, and the land bases that support us.

Born and raised in Boise, Idaho, Claire is a visionary systems builder by profession and holds a BA in Evolutionary Economics. With over 15 years of experience in project management, creative direction, business development, living systems design, and collaborative team leadership, Claire founded Western Reign Creative in 2017. She approaches management and strategy through a holistic and collaborative lens using living systems principles to evolve the health and impact of the professionals and organizations she works with.


In a change of pace from a typical webinar, NMPAN Live will
feature a limited amount of seats to allow for a live
roundtable discussion and Q&A with an expert in a given
field. These are FREE opportunities to have your most difficult
questions answered in real time by boots-on-the-ground
industry leaders!

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