Ask Me Anything: Quality Control for the Small Plant w/ Trevor Morones

Event Date: July 25, 2024
9:00 am-
10:15 am
 Pacific Time

Implementing quality control and / or food safety programs can be challenging in small meat processing facilities, especially when making the leap from custom exempt status to federal inspection. Join NMPAN and special guest Trevor Morones, Quality Control Specialist and Founder of Control Point, as we discuss:

  • How to implement food safety programs
  • getting buy-in from your team
  • quality control dos and don’ts

Please bring all of your most pressing questions, as this meeting will feature an extended Q&A period!

About Trevor:

Control Point founder, Trevor J. Morones, is a classically culinary trained expert butcher. As a craft butcher, he understands first-hand the desire to focus on the craft and create the best product possible, making throngs of satisfied customers and fulfilling brand promises of quality, efficiency, and unique value.

As a Lead HACCP Instructor, GFSI auditor, and ANSI Instructor/Proctor, Trevor brings his brilliant engineering mind and spirit to craft training and solutions to minimize the amount of time spent with red tape and regulations, eliminating costly mistakes, fines while creating cultures of operational excellence.

In working with high volume manufacturing facilities and highly acclaimed restaurants such as B&B Hospitality Group, Good Uncle, and The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Trevor has perfected the balance between productivity and compliance. Control Point was created to guide Chefs, Restaurant Groups, and Food Manufacturers through their food safety concerns. Control Point is all about results. Trevor’s training and implementation practices have proven to increase company growth, domestically and internationally, by 66%. Trevor holds positions on many committees critical to the support of food industry safety and excellence.

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