Who Builds Mobile/Modular Slaughter Units?

These companies (all but the last on the list) have designed and built MSUs, from bare bones rigs to complete, fully-equipped systems. Inclusion in this list does not imply endorsement.


Mobile slaughter unit pioneer and NMPAN Advisory Board member Bruce Dunlop shares photos, specifications, and equipment needs for mobile units.


Friesla, located in Everson, Washington, builds both modular and mobile slaughter, cut & wrap units, and cooler/freezer units. They also occasionally sell used equipment on their site. They help walk you through the whole design process, as well as help you apply for a grant of inspection,

The Friesla mission is to help farmers and ranchers take back control of your local meat processing — on your terms, time, and at your site. Their vision is to create a global network of strong, sustainable ecosystems in which independent farmers raise, process, and deliver premium meat direct to our local communities.


VanTriVan Truck Body is located in Ferndale, Washington. TriVan has a reputation for high quality work, long-term reliability, and customer service. They also build the meat harvest units for Friesla.

A TriVan mobile slaughter unit comes fully equipped and satisfies USDA inspection and licensing requirements. The unit consists of a mechanical and storage area, slaughter area, and refrigeration area. Miscellaneous equipment includes knives, saws, scales and other necessary supplies. A semi truck tractor is necessary to pull the trailer and must be purchased separately, either new or used. The approximate vehicle weight is 25,000 pounds.

It takes approximately 14 – 20 weeks to receive a mobile slaughter unit. The purchase terms are 50 percent down at the time of the order, with the balance on completion.

Download 2-page TriVan MSU brochure.


A Featherlite mobile slaughter unit also comes fully equipped and ready to go, or it can come less equipped if the customer wishes to put in his/her own equipment.

It takes approximately 8 to 12 weeks, from time of order, for the unit to be completed.

Cornerstone Farm Ventures

Cornerstone has equipped two units so far, both for poultry. One is in Vermont, the other on Martha’s Vineyard, MA. The Vermont unit’s trailer was built by Brothers Body and Equipment, in Crestline, Ohio. View the blueprints for that mobile poultry processing unit hereprovided by the Vermont Agency of Agriculture.

The Locker

While not mobile, these units are modular, which means they can be transported to a site and set up fairly quickly. Many municipalities won’t even require a building permit. The Lockers are refurbished 48′ x 8′ shipping containers designed to be used for meat fabrication. They come ready to “plug and play”, including 3 months of consulting with Dirigo Food Safety, an experienced food safety firm who designs these units.

Plant in a Box

Plant in a Box are modular poultry processing units, being used for exempt poultry processing as well as inspected poultry processing. As of 2020, PIB are also being modified for red meat species. For just under $100K, a poultry farmer can purchase a unit and equipment. Transport, electrical, water, HACCP consulting, etc. are extra.

The Plant in a Box is designed for processors in the 10,000 to 500,000 chickens per year range. Designed for anywhere from three to six workers at 40 birds per person per hour.

Craftsmen Industries

Craftsmen builds mobile kitchens/other units and would like to get into the MSU market. Based in St. Charles, MO, they build “vehicles that transform into mobile command centers, medical treatment facilities, kitchens, recruiting vehicles & exchanges for the Military & Federal Government.” As of spring 2011, they had not yet built an MSU but were very interested in doing so.

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