Mobile Poultry Processing Unit Blueprints


Here are a set of blueprints for a mobile poultry processing unit (MPPU) built to operate under “equal to” state inspection in Vermont. The MPPU was built by the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, with funding from the Vermont Legislature and the Castanea Foundation, in 2008. It was leased by a small poultry processor for several years, then sold to a farm in January 2012.  For more details and background, read the full case study here.

This is just one set of blueprints from one MPPU, and other designs should be considered. However, this is the first and only MPPU designed to operate under “equal to” state inspection, meaning that this design should work under federal (USDA) inspection also.

Click here to view the blueprints (~3MB pdf).

Please note that the blueprints do NOT show four important elements/additions:

  1. An overhead oblong rail for transport of the carcasses during evisceration and inspection.
  2. A heat shield for the floor under the scald tank to keep the floor from flexing  with the heat.
  3. A power vent, added to the scalder to help with fumes from improper burn with the gas and air mixture.
  4. Locking wheels for the evisceration trough/table so that it could be moved in place for the evisceration line and then moved for packaging.

Click here to view a presentation from the Vermont Meat and Poultry Inspection Agency about the MPPU (also ~3MB pdf).  

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