Animal welfare

Humane handling

  On October 2, 2015, this content was automatically unpublished and marked as inactive. Please feel free to rework this page, along with properly indicating the copyright for all included images and republish it as appropriate. Do not hesitate to Contact our Community Support staff with any questions you may have. Humane treatment of farm …

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Humane Handling and MSUs

Here we offer references to the regulatory requirements around humane handling in connection with slaughter and describe one mobile unit’s experience with a humane slaughter audit. Regulatory Requirements and Guidance For a USDA-inspected slaughter facility, mobile or fixed, the requirements for humane handling in connection with slaughter are spelled out in the Humane Methods of …

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Humane Handling at the Processing Plant

A Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network webinar in collaboration with Animal Welfare Approved.         Please Note: This webinar is no longer available in video form; however, the presentation materials remain active.      Date: June 17, 2015 Duration: one hour Overview:   On this webinar, we learned about humane handling practices at the processing plant.  We discussed steps producers …

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