Mobile Slaughter Units: Reports from the Field and Future Directions

Mobile Slaughter Units: Reports from the Field and Future Directions

Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network webinar

Date: September 10, 2013

Duration: 90 minutes


Inspected mobile slaughter units for beef, bison, and other red meat species have been operating for more than a decade. How are they working out? What have we learned? And how might the next generation of MSUs be different?

On this webinar, we heard from seasoned MSU pioneers — from New Mexico, South Dakota, and Colorado — about their experiences, lessons learned, and ideas for the future.


  • Dan O’Brien, Wild Idea Buffalo, South Dakota
  • Terrie BadHand and Pati Martinson, Taos County Economic Development Corporation, Mobile Matanza, New Mexico
  • Mike Callicrate, Ranch Foods Direct, Colorado and Kansas, and Laura Krebsbach, Renewable Harvest, Nebraska

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Webinar recording

Dan O’Brien’s presentation slides

Terrie Badhand’s and Pati Martinson’s presentation slides

Mike Callicrate’s and Laura Krebsbach’s presentation slides



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